Events organized to support BMW / MINI during 2012-2016: Backup Image agency ensured logistic support (materials’ production) and implementation in locations.

  • 2012 – BMW was Yacht Club Romania partner in organizing National Yachting Championship
  • 2013 – BMW participation at events taken place at Yachting Tomis Constanta and Limanu
  • 2014:
    • BMW was sponsor for several cultural events, such as SONORO Classical Music Festival or Les Films de Cannes a Bucharest.
    • MINI was partner for “Museums Night” event.
  •  2015 – BMW. As implementation agency for BMW Group Romania, Backup Image has assisted and coordinated many events where BMW was partner or sponsor, supervising production and placement of the branding materials. Here are just a few of the events and we thank to all our partners we have worked with: Forbes CEE Forum (Sept), BMW 7 Series Launch (Nov), SoNoRo Music Festival (Oct-Nov), Women on Boards Workshop (Nov), Bucharest Gentlemen (Oct), Forbes Gala 500 (Oct).
  • 2016 – BMW: we continue our partnership and we are deeply involved in projects implementation, such as Forbes events or MINI@Noaptea Muzeelor.